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About CDCNews

CDCNews is the industry’s premier regional provider of public and private commercial construction project leads, including electrical, education, retail, public works, and more. For nearly 40 years we provided timely, accurate and detailed commercial construction project information from the early planning stages all the way through bidding and award.

About ConstructConnect

ConstructConnect brings together general contractors, subcontractors, building product manufacturers, designers, architects, and project owners – we connect the entire construction industry. ConstructConnect's mission is to provide construction industry professionals with the most complete, accurate, and actionable preconstruction data empowering them to make the connections that drive higher profits and fuel greater success for their business. Visit for more information.


I am THRILLED with Construction Data. We can attribute 70% (YES, 70%!) of our work to Construction Data!

- Troy / Atlas, LLC

I have already made about 12 calls, and I have received over 17 emails & faxes from prospects!

- Cynthia / Shades to Go

LOVE being able to save searches. You’ve got a few competitors beat on that one…

- Jill / Garco, Inc.

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